7 Best Anti-lost key trackers available in India

Almost all of us have had to deal with misplaced keys or wallets and subsequent chaos of not finding them in case of emergencies. Suppose you were wondering about the existence of any solution to this trivial everyday problem. In that case, technology does offer a simple and elegant solution, anti-lost Bluetooth trackers.

It is a simple Bluetooth enabled device that fits easily in your keychain and tracks your keys’ location. In the case of misplaced keys, all you have to do now is to pick up your phone and know exactly where your belonging is.

The best thing about the key finders is that you don’t have to lose your cool about it any time you misplace your car keys. Just attach a Bluetooth-enabled tracker to your keys, and you can easily follow the alarm to locate your keys with ease. It is that simple.

Choosing the right key finder is not always straightforward. Many devices in the market boast similar features are competing, which leaves us in a pickle more often than not. Picking up the cheapest or nearest product can be counterproductive, as a fair amount of research is needed to pinpoint the best product fit for your specific needs.

A lost-key tracker can function more than just a tracker and as an anti-theft device.  So, it is crucial to consider factors like range, battery backup, etc., to get the best out of the product.

Here are some of the top products available in the market which are sure to give a run for your money.

List of best Anti-lost trackers available in India

1. Tile Pro

Tile is one of the best key finders out there, and the new Tile Pro promptly demonstrates the fact. Tile increased the range on the Pro, which is easily over 200 feet. The alarm is loud and clear and can be heard with ease and clarity over long distances. A replaceable battery was introduced in the previous model and made a welcome return to this key tracker.

Tile Pro tracker

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The Tile Pro and any Tile tracker are compatible with Nest devices like a Nest mini or Nest Hub, which comes in handy at homes and offices. Google added Tile support to Google Assistant, making it possible to control the device with your voice.

The price is easily justified from its utilities, with the added presence of the cool features it offers. If you need a key tracker or anti-lost tracker with a wide range and reliable performance, this is the one to get.

2. tag8 Dolphin Smart Tracker

DOLPHIN Smart Tracker is claimed to be one of the world’s most compact and efficient, Bluetooth trackers by the makers with a high range. DOLPHIN tracker is handy to secure your valuables such as wallet, keys, gadgets, phones, and also to secure your travel items such as passport, bag, and camera and even track pets!

tag8 Dolphin Smart Tracker

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It helps you find your valuable when misplaced and alerts you if you leave it behind or is moving away from you. When your belonging goes out of range, you can view the last recorded GPS location to track down your product.

You can also activate a community search and let other people join in to help you find it. Every phone running the tag8 tracker app joins in to help you find it. This GPS enabled feature is useful to find your valuable quicker. Setting it up is very easy as all you have to do is download its app on our smartphone, and voila, you are ready to roll.

One added perk of the product is the selfie button available, which you can use in any creative way you want for some candid snaps.

3. Panasonic Seekit

The tag line for Seekit is “Never lose anything”, an apt catchphrase for the product. The presence of a buzz button on the Seekit app makes it ring and glow, hence catching both the senses’ attention. The feature will come in handy in dark rooms and around dark corners.

Panasonic Seekit anti-lost tracker

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An indicator will send a message to you as soon as your device goes out of range. You can also know your device’s last known location through the app, making it extremely useful to track down the lost product on a map. The app even guides you to your product when you are around through a proximity guidance system.

The app also allows you to send messages to near and dear ones beside you, thus lifting the sole responsibility from your shoulders. And to makes things even more interesting, all these features come at a very reasonable price. The product’s weight is around 7 grams, which doesn’t make it feel like you are carrying a burden.

4. Tile Mate (2020)

The Tile Mate is another excellent product from Tile and a good alternative to Tile Pro. It allows you to spend less money on your key finder while making small compromises with the features like range and decibels.

Tile Mate (2020) tracker

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The operating range of the new Tile Pro is better, while Tile Mate’s performance is very similar to earlier versions. So the only factor in play here is the price. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable product, this is your call.

The Tile Mate has a replaceable battery, the same as previous models. Weighing around 30 grams, it is neither too heavy to become a liability nor too light to forget its existence. The range of the device is 80-90 feet.

The two-way feature can locate your phone as well; the app doesn’t require any premium subscriptions. Tile Mate is one of the most budget-friendly products out there for you to try if you are new to key trackers.

5. Letstrack TAG Smart Bluetooth Tracker

A key tracker with all the stock features that you can’t do without yet one that fits perfectly within your budget. The Letstrack TAG is a budget-friendly device with a range of 250 feet. 

Letstrack TAG Smart Bluetooth Tracker

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It comes with all the features like an alert feature, app compatibility, find phone, the community search option, and even the selfie button. The 90-decibel audio alert will help you to find your missed item.

Another pro feature of the device is the water-resistant body, making it ideal to use in mild weather conditions. The battery will last for around 1.5 years before you need to worry about replacing it. 

Also, you can integrate Letstrack TAG with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.  For the offered price range, the Letstrack TAG provides excellent performance for an affordable price, which in itself should be its selling point.

6. TrackR pixel

The design is the most exciting part of TrackR pixel! Closely resembling a coin, the device can fit into keychains and wallets, keeping a low profile, thus taking little space. If this is the type of anti-lost tracker you are looking for, you’ve found the perfect thing.

TrackR pixel

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Other than this, the Trackr pixel comes stocked with pretty much the same features as any other tracker device. A removable battery, a community search option, track your phone option, with flashing LEDs to function in the dark, etc.

The TrackR app is compatible with both android and iOS devices, which gives it cross-platform compatibility. The price is also reasonable for the features that it offers.

The design has managed to make the tracker compact and lightweight, making those two things the less of your worries, the only thing to worry about being your lost items themselves.

7. Elegant Casa Bluetooth Anti-Lost Tracker

Elegant Casa Bluetooth Tracker is a trustworthy device to bestow the responsibility for your valuables like phone, key, wallet, credit cards, etc. It quickly finds your misplaced items provided the Bluetooth device is in range.

Elegant Casa Bluetooth Anti-Lost Tracker

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With the tap of the calling button, the locator device will alarm, making it easy to find your stuff. You can also double-press the button to alarm your phone and locate it.

The device has a remote control function and protects your valuables from theft or loss. It can also provide a last seen pin-drop on the map via Kindelf/MyAPP/iSearching app to help you recover your items and search your cars on the parking site.

The button on the tracker can be used as a selfie button. Elegant Casa’s anti-lost tracker works with the Android system as well as other mobile systems like iOS.

All android devices which support Bluetooth 4.0 or above version will work with the tracker. It has an effective range of up to 80 feet, and the cost is cheap for the values it offers.

So how do you decide which anti-lost tracker is the best for you?

The answer is subjective, but here are some key factors that you can take into account-

Range: The range you need the device to work will ultimately decide the most suitable product for you. Although most devices are affected by obstacles like walls, it would be noteworthy to keep that in mind when shopping for your ideal product.

Alarm Sound: You have to hear the device over any other background noise. So keep in mind the decibels that you are going for! That should be a deciding factor for your product.

Other Features: Key finders with two-way features that let you track your phone with the push of a button can be a fancy add on feature for many.

Battery Life: The two options available are removable and non-removable types. Although most brands claim to have a battery life between 6-12 months, a removable battery is always more flexible for everyday use.

Tracking Multiple Items: Using multiple trackers is only common practice for many users. One needs to make sure that the app supports this feature if you intend to do so.

Price: There’s always a device that comes in your price range but does not have the proper specs you wished for. Finding the delicate balance is crucial as you wouldn’t want a trade-off with any important feature for the money.


Anti-lost trackers can be a lifesaver for several situations.  So get the right one for you if you needed one. By this time, after going through the above list of best anti-lost trackers, you might have a good idea about it.

Also, this gadget makes an excellent gift item for your loved one. So go and grab the right one for you or your loved one!

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