11 Best home theater speaker systems under Rs 10000 in India

Music is an inevitable part of our daily life. A good sound system can provide the ultimate enjoyment of music. Techabettor here suggests you the top 11 best home theater sound systems under Rs 10000 in India below.

The originality of great music could only be reproduced through a good sound system. Compared to headphones and soundbars, the Home theater sound systems always have the upper hand. 

Below we have listed the best home theater speaker systems under Rs 10000. If you have less budget, you could get home theaters under Rs 5000 or 2000 also. Enjoy the music with your favorite sound system.

Best home theater speaker systems under Rs 10000

Home theater systemsOutput Power (RMS)ChannelBluetoothConnectivityRemote controlWarrentyOn Amazon
Sony SA-D4080W4.1YesAUX,USB.BTYes1 yearCheck Price
F&D F3800X80W5.1YesAUX,DVD,SD,FM,USB,BTYes1 yearCheck Price
Philips SPA8000B/94120W5.1YesRCA,SD,FM, USB, BTYes1 yearCheck Price
Infinity by Harman Hardrock 410100 W4.1YesRCA, USB, BTYes1 yearCheck Price
F&D F5060X135W5.1YesRCA, AUX, FM, USB, BTYes1 yearCheck Price
Philips SPA5190B/9490W5.1YesRCA, SD, FM, USB, BTYes1 yearCheck Price
Mitashi BS-120BT85W5.1YesAUX,DVD,SD, FM, USB, BTYes1 yearCheck Price
Panasonic SC-HT40GW-K80W4.1YesRCA, AUX, USB, BTYes1 yearCheck Price
Zebronics Indie105W4.1YesAUX,SD,FM,USB, BTYes1 yearCheck Price
Philips SPA5162B/9465W5.1YesAUX,SD, FM, USB, BTYes1 yearCheck Price
Logitech Z50675W5.1NoRCA, AUXNo2 yearCheck Price

Best home theater speaker systems under Rs 10000

1. Sony SA-D40

Sony SA-D40 4.1 home theater
Sony SA-D40 connectivity options

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SA-D40 is another fabulous 4.1 home theater from Sony. It has 80W total RMS sound output and allows you to enjoy all kinds of low, mid, and high range sound frequencies.

Look wise it is almost similar to SA-D10. But it has a higher sound output (80W) and has a wireless connectivity option. The large stylish subwoofer gives an additional attraction to this model.

You can connect this sound system with your PC, MP3 player, TV, smartphones, and tablets. This model is Bluetooth enabled.

Sony SA-D40 is one of the best home theaters from Sony under rs 10000 in India.


  • 4.1 system with 80 W total power output
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB and audio-in playback
  • Large, stylish wooden subwoofer
  • Supplied with remote control
  • Remote control available


  • No option to control bass 

2. F&D F3800X

F&D F3800X is a 5.1 home theater sound system with 80 Watts total RMS output. It has a modern automatic multi-color LED.

F&D F3800X features
F&D F3800X connectivity options

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This stylish home-theater is designed to be used with TVs, PCs, and music players. Also, this is one of the best home theaters under Rs 10000 in India.

It has 5 pin and 2 pin inputs. Also, it has Bluetooth connectivity with an operating range of up to 15 meters.

It supports Plug & play USB/SD card reader, USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding.


  • Real 5.1 surround sound effect
  • Fluorescence full function remote control
  • FM storage up to 100 stations
  • 3″ full-range driver for satellites,
  • 5.25″ bass driver for subwoofer

3. Philips SPA8000B/94

Philips SPA8000B-94 5.1 home theater
Philips SPA8000B-94 connectivity options

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SPA8000B/94 is a 5.1 channel home theater system. Also, the total sound output is 120W RMS. The 5.1 channel surround system gives immersive sound experience. This sound system is perfect for music, games, movies, and televisions.


  • 120W total RMS output
  • work with any Bluetooth enabled devices
  • High efficient woofer
  • USB and SD card slots are present
  • FM tuner


  •  No treble control

4. Infinity by Harman Hardrock 410

Harman Hardrock 410 speaker system
Harman Hardrock 410 connectivity options

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Hardrock 410 is one of the best home theater speaker systems from Infinity by Harman under Rs 10000. Also, it is a 4.1 channel speaker system with excellent sound quality.

The connectivity options include Bluetooth, RCA, and USB. In addition, this speaker system comes with a 6.5-inch subwoofer driver and a total RMS output of 100 watts.

The 3 preset equalizer modes allow you to enjoy movies, music, and gaming. Also, the led illuminated subwoofer can provide a pulsating effect along with the music and could be an excellent addition to your room.


  • 100W total RMS output with 200 watts peak output
  • 4.1 channel
  • LED illuminated subwoofer
  • Eco mode button provided for energy saving
  • 3 preset equalizer modes


  • LED display is not available in this model
  • No FM radio and SD card slot
  • No wall mount option provided for satellite speakers

5. F&D F5060X 

F&D F5060X 5.1 home theater under Rs 10000
F&D F5060X connectivity options

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F5060X is a fantastic 5.1 channel home theater from F&D with 135W RMS total output. In addition to Bluetooth support, it also has RCA, AUX, FM, and USB support. This sound system also has an app that you can install on your smartphone for better multi-functional control of the system. 

F506ox has a minimalistic design with a fingerprint-free matt finish body. One attractive feature of this speaker system is the multicolored LED lighting on the subwoofer front panel. 

The 8-inch bass driver of the subwoofer can produce powerful bass for an excellent audio experience. Also, the satellite spears have a 1-inch tweeter and 3-inch full-range driver. F5060X is one of the best home theaters in Rs 10000 with all the functions you are looking for.


  • 135W total RMS output
  • 13500W PMPO
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Tweeter present on satellite speakers
  • Beautiful multicolored led lighting on the subwoofer
  • 60W subwoofer

6. Philips SPA5190B/94 

Philips SPA5190B-94 home theater
Philips SPA5190B-94 connectivity options

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From Philips, SPA5190B/94 comes with deepBASS technology and a total RMS output of 90W. SPA5190B/94 is one of the best wireless speaker systems you can get in Rs 10000. 

SPA5190B has both AUX and DVD inputs. Also, you can switch between 2.1 channel and 5.1 channel mode. This music system has a beautiful design that can easily blend with your room arrangement.  


  • 90W total RMS output
  • 5.1 channel speaker system
  • Bluetooth and FM radio features
  • Integrated with deepBASS technology
  • AUX, DVD, Bluetooth, FM radio, USB, and SD card inputs.

7. Mitashi BS-120BT 

Mitashi BS-120BT 5.1 home theater
Mitashi BS-120BT connectivity options

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From Mitashi, BS-120BT is a 5.1 channel home theater system with 85W total RMS output and 8500W PMPO. This sound system is compatible with TV, DVD player, PC laptop, etc. 

BS-120BT comes with Dolby Prologic-II technology that can transform high-quality stereo sound into 5.1 channel surround sound. 


  • 85W total RMS output and 8500W PMPO
  • 5.1 channel sound system
  • Dolby Prologic-II technology 
  • DVD connectivity (5.1 channel input)
  • Bluetooth and FM radio available.
  • Bass and treble control 

8. Panasonic SC-HT40GW-K 

Panasonic SC-HT40GW-K 4.1 home theater under Rs 10000
Panasonic SC-HT40GW-K connectivity options

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SC-HT40GW-K is a 4.1 channel wireless home theater system from Panasonic. Also, this speaker system has a minimalistic design with touch control buttons. The total output of this system is 80W RMS with bass and treble control. 


  • 80W total RMS output
  • 4.1 channel system
  • Touch control panel
  • Bass and treble control


  • No FM and SD card slot
  • Sometimes RCA to AUX cable is required. 

9. Zebronics Indie 

Zebronics Indie 4.1 Home theater under Rs 10000
Zebronics Indie connectivity options

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Indie is one of the best budget home theaters from Zebronics under Rs 10000. It is a 4.1 channel wireless speaker system with a beautiful glossy design.

Indie has a total 105W RMS output with AUX, SD, FM, USB, and BT input support. This speaker system has a beautiful multicolored LED lighting on the front panel of the subwoofer. The satellite speakers also have LED lighting. The knob for bass and treble adjustment is provided on the front panel of the subwoofer. 


  • 4.1 channel speaker system
  • 105W total RMS output
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Bass and treble adjustment available
  • Multicolor LED lighting

10. Philips SPA5162B/94

Philips SPA5162B/94 speaker system
Philips SPA5162B/94 connectivity options

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Philips SPA5162B/94 comes with 65W RMS sound output. These speakers are suitable for connecting with MP3 players, PC, TV, CDs, and all your multimedia stuff.

Philips SPA5162B/94 is a 5.1 channel home theater system with an immersive sound experience. Unique 5.25-inch subwoofer configuration delivers a substantially more profound, wealthier bass.


  • 5.1 channel speaker system
  • LED display is provided
  • 65W total RMS sound output
  • RCA to Aux cable provided
  • Excellent sound quality in a budget


  • No protective grill provided for the subwoofer and satellite speakers
  • Low coverage range for Bluetooth

11. Logitech Z506

Logitech Z506 5.1 home theater
Logitech Z506 connectivity options

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Logitech Z506 is a 5.1 channel speaker system with the 75W total RMS output.

The dedicated bass control allows you to fine-tune the bass level according to your needs.

Multiple inputs let you connect your PC, game console, iPod, DVD player, and enjoy Surround sound with 3D Stereo.

It has a down-firing subwoofer.


  • Multiple inputs
  • 75W total RMS output
  • Down-firing subwoofer
  • can connect headphone
  • can adjust bass


  • No USB, Bluetooth, SD card support
  • Bass control is on the back of the subwoofer

Tips and Things to keep in mind while selecting a home theater

Some of the things you may want to consider while purchasing a home theaters are listed below:


Budget is one of the major deciding factors while buying a home theater. Try to get a good home theater with all the functionality you needed in your budget. Rs 10000 is a decent budget to get a good home theater with all the functionality like wireless connectivity, DVD input, Powerful bass, bass and treble control, etc. In every budget, there is the best home theater available in the market. What you have to do is thorough research before buying one. 

Power output

The total RMS output of home theater is represented in Watta(W). It included the total of both the power output of the subwoofer and the satellite speakers. 


Try to get a home theater with both wireless and wired connectivity options. Wireless connectivity feature helps you to play music from your smart device on home theater without the hassle of any frustrating wire. If your home theater system doesn’t have wireless support, you can get an external Bluetooth receiver to convert it to a wireless one. 

Nowadays, most of the smart TVs and streaming devices like Amazon fire TV support Bluetooth connectivity. So you don’t need extra wire to connect your device with home theater if you select a wireless one. 

Major input connectivity options are AUX, 5.1 DVD/RCA, USB, and SD card. Some models have FM radio feature also. 

Ease of installation

Make sure you are getting all the accessories with your home theater for easy installation. Accessories mainly include AUX cable, RCA cables, and FM radio antenna cable. Sometimes you may need an RCA to AUX connector. Also, set up your home theater according to the manufacturer’s instruction for better performance. 

Input devices

You could connect your home theater with TVs/smart TVs, music players, smartphones, laptops, desktops. Some models have USB and SD card support also. 

Room size

Select a home theater that blends with your room arrangement. Also, select the power output of home theater according to the room size. 

Final Thoughts

You can get a good home theater with all features for Rs 10000. We tried to include all the best home theaters under Rs 10000 in the above list. You can also follow the comparison chart at the top of the article for a better understanding. 

We recommend getting a home theater with wireless connectivity for comfortable use. Also, don’t forget to go through the things to consider before buying a home theater mentioned in this article.

If you have any suggestions or opinions, please let us know in the comment. 

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