7 Best laptop cooling pads and buying guide

Getting the best laptop cooling pad will make your laptop’s performance much better and smoother, as the computer system can now handle operation and the requirements for the operation to a much higher level.

As you know, several high-octane apps can suck up most of your computer’s resources. Hence your laptop will expel an immense amount of heat in return. That is true if you are using your laptop for frequent high-end gaming purposes.

This requires the system to get a breathing room to function properly without any stoppage or random interference.

The only way you can balance the heat output for your laptop is by getting the best laptop cooling pad. That will not only make your laptop look better but at the same time, it will make it much heat adaptive. This, ultimately, will improve the performance of your laptop as it will not be drowned in heat.

That is why cooling pads have become one of the standard accessories to get for the laptop. No matter whatever you do with the laptop, you could be playing video games or using the computer as your workstation. The cooling pad will make your laptop function much better, and you will see a rise in the production boost.

Before going to the laptop cooling pads list, let see some of the essential aspects you must keep in your mind while procuring a laptop cooling pad.

Laptop Cooling Pad Buying Guide

Cooling pads are a must-have in a laptop maintenance kit. Unless you’re super-rich, you would want your laptop to last at least 3-5 years, more if you’re not a gamer. Laptop overheating leads to performance throttling, which in turn shortens its overall lifespan.

A decent laptop cooling pad costs nothing compared to the frequent services charges you might end up dumping at your local repair shop once your laptop’s warranty runs out.

The following list of features is here to help you guide through the sea of wriggling cooling pads and bag the perfect catch.

Price and Features

Before you dig any deeper, set a budget, and list all the features you want to include in it. There are numerous choices out in the market that can easily confuse you in making an incorrect purchase.

Having a budget narrows down the search, and listing a feature shortens it even further.

How to set a budget?

Avoid cheap ones below 1000 INR($15) because they rarely work. 1800 INR($25) is an excellent place to start.

What features to look out for?

Are you looking for a gaming laptop cooling pad or something casual like writing? Gaming, video rendering/editing produces some severe heat, so you need bigger fans with high RPMs (rotation per minute) to cool your laptop.

Otherwise, you’re better off with a cheaper option. Find the purpose and choose accordingly.

Design and Lights

Most high-end laptop cooling pads come with an ergonomic design with one or two lighting options. Costlier ones have a sturdier build and, in some cases, with RBG lighting.

If you want a laptop cooling pad for gaming and fancy an RBG setup, you can consider getting one of those. 

How to select the perfect design?

While browsing, apply a specific price filter to go through your options. Once you like something, add it to your wish list and use it as a reference from thereon.

Size and Adaptability

You don’t want to buy a laptop cooling pad only to find that your laptop doesn’t fit. Always measure the base of your laptop and check whether it fits the cooling pad. However, this only applies if you’re shopping online.

If you travel a lot, having to carry a bulky cooling pad in addition to your luggage is a hassle. Always check the dimensions of the laptop cooling pad before making the final purchase.


Most cooling pads weight under 2 pounds, but the premium ones can go as high as 2.8 pounds. Needless to say, bulky cooling pads cause numb thigs and painful necks. However, if you are used to working on a desk, the weight shouldn’t be an issue.

Some of the high-end cooling pads can be quite heavy, so do check the weight if you plan to commute with your laptop on a near-daily basis.


Almost every laptop cooling pad in-store comes with adjustable stands that you can use to angle your device. The features are mostly absent in the cheaper variants.

Choosing the perfect alignment is crucial as staring down at the screen for too long can cause severe neck problems.

How to know if your cooling pad offers the perfect alignment?

Watch out for laptop cooling pad reviews as they contain photos posted by verified users.  With a few visits to YouTube, you should have a pretty good understanding of the alignment options offered by the cooling pad.

Number of Fans and Fan Size

Contrary to popular belief, faster and bigger fans aren’t always better. You also have to consider placement and efficiency.


If the fans aren’t located directly below the vent, the cooling pad can fail to optimally cool your laptop. Try to get one with a similar fan placement as your laptop.


Although more fans translate to better cooling, they are not always energy efficient. Multiple fans combined with higher RPM can quickly drain your battery.

So, make sure there have adjustable controls allowing you to either regulate the RPM or switch of a few fans during lighter works.

Fan Controls- Manual vs. Automatic

In most cases, you’re better off with manual control. Cooling pads with automatic temperature adjustment are costly. They have inbuilt sensors that can detect and regulate temperature. However, you’re paying way too much for something that can be done relatively quickly.

But if you want to flex in front of your friends, the automatic cooling system is the peak of showmanship.

Number of USB Port

Laptops aren’t big on USB ports (3 to 4). Cooling pads require connecting to your laptop via USB, but they also have dual single USB ports to compensate for it.

However, there are minimal options available in the market if you want more than two ports. And most pads don’t pack more than two.

You can always buy a USB hub to gain additional ports, but there aren’t many choices when it comes to cooling pads.


Much like traditional fans, cooling pads also collect a decent amount of dust the longer you use it. You will need to clean the cooling pad from time to time, which means you’ll have to open it up.

Considering this, you can choose one that is easier to dismantle and doesn’t have lots of moving fragile parts. This will not be a problem if you’re familiar with the process.

Overall Quality

Considering you are shopping online, it’s difficult to guess the cooling pad’s overall quality from images alone. The best job you could do is to shift through the user reviews for pictures. You get an accurate description of the product by going through 5-6 reviews.

If applicable, look for 1-start or 2-star reviews because those tend to be more honest. There will always be several in the feedback section, but if there are multiple ones in ‘Recent’ reviews, you’re better off moving on to a new product.

Laptop cooling pad pros and cons.


  • Reliable temperature regulation
  • Increase laptop’s longevity
  • Solid work surface
  • Prevents neck strain


  • Often not universal and may not work with specific laptops
  • Could blow in hot air depending on your surrounding
  • Occupies a USB port

Best laptop cooling pads

The list below features cooling pads that can be used for daily work and heavy intense gaming-related work. So, discarding any one of them will not be the way to go forward, as video games are becoming more demanding than some high-intensity software in the market. 

The cooling pad can work on both sides of the aisle. Suppose you have a gaming laptop or laptop for your workstation-related work. In that case, both can benefit from having a cooling pad around to support the heat coming from the overuse of a laptop 24×7.

Here is the list of the best laptop cooling pads for gaming and your workstation build. You will get a boost in your overall performance if you get any of the following cooling pads for your laptop. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Zinq Technologies Cool Slate 5F

Zinq Technologies Cool Slate 5F is one of the best laptop cooling pads for gaming that you can get for your device.

It features multi-directional metal mesh to give your laptop much-needed stability. The Cool Slate 5F comes with five fans for efficient airflow and cooling.

Zinq Technologies Cool Slate 5F
Cool Slate 5F Features

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Also, quiet fans will let the cooling pad do its job without making any significant noise to disturb your gaming experience or work.

When it comes to durability, Zinq Technologies is known for its quality in every aspect of their device that they put out on the market.

This device also meets all the standards set by the previous device released by the company.

You will also get two USB ports and fan speed controls (separate speed controls for central fan and side fans) to give the cooling pad more accessibility. Also, for ergonomic comfort, two adjustable height settings are provided.

Moreover, in the case of any defect or delivery problem, you can use the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to fix it up without any charge. As all Zinq Technologies products follow the same standards, this device also has the same, such as the superior airflow, noise reductions, and 1,100 RPMs spinning of the blades that will make your laptop the much-needed cooling it deserves.

2. Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad

Cosmic Byte is known for providing gaming-related gadgets. Also, they tend to offer more value than the cost it charges from the user.

The quality is what grabs the attention of most people when they think about the Cosmic Byte. That is right in the case of the Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad also.  

Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad
Cosmic Byte Asteroid Features

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Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad is one of the best cooling pads, and so far, you look at the performance. The Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad surpasses the expectation that people see from a general cooling pad.

The High-performance 5 fans and the sleek design are what make this device great in the first place. Moreover, Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad comes with an attractive LED light, USB ports, and a one-year warranty.

One of the unique features of the Asteroid cooling pad is that it has a 7-level height adjustment option. Also, it is best suitable for laptops with a display size between 14 to 17 inches.

3. Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Dual Fan Cooling Pad

Although new in the market, the time they have spent in the technological market, Zinq has made a great improvement in the product line up. They suddenly became the brand to go to if you are looking for stuff at the affordable range while sticking to punching in the performance aspect. 

Zinq Technologies Cool Slate
Zinq Technologies Cool Slate Features

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Zinq constantly delivered the performance under the moderate price point. Now they have released Zinq Cool Slate Dual cooling pad. And the device delivers the exact level of performance that you would expect out of the Zinq.

When compared to other cooling pads, this one is much more affordable. And you can use it on both of your notepad and laptop.

There is no compatibility issue here, as the cooling pad looks premium, and the fans are very wide.

No longer you have to be under the crushing rock over your laptop’s overwork temperature; with the Zinq cooling pad, you no longer have to worry about that, the only thing that will matter from here is your performance, which will get delivered by Zinq.

Zinq Cool Slate is one of the best laptop cooling pads that you can get for your laptop.

4. Deepcool N80 gaming laptop Cooling pad

If you would like to procure the best laptop cooling pad for your device, then Deepcool N80 is one of them. This is a budget laptop cooling pad with high performance.

People who use laptops for heavy tasks and run many performance-heavy-related applications will see tremendous benefits from switching to Deepcool N80.

Deepcool N80 gaming laptop Cooling pad
Deepcool N80 Features

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If your laptop is 2 -3 years old, then you will see a huge difference in the temperature drop with this cooling pad. Also, the performance will not take any hit any longer with Deepcool N80. So, your laptop will enjoy the much-needed boost in performance.

If you want the best for your laptop, then getting this cooling pad will be the right answer for you. Also, it comes with 16.7 million RGB color LED lights with three dynamic and eight monochrome modes. You can select the color mode using the capacitive touch key provided.

In case you like to run the time-consuming processes and want something to support the laptop, then check the Deepcool N80 laptop cooling pad.

In short, the performance will speak louder than the outer appearance that you get from this cooling pad.

5. TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

When it comes down to the machine’s looks, TopMate C5 explodes on the screen, with five fans all set to the

RPM of 2500, which makes the device not only efficient but much better.

An LCD screen is provided to let you know about the fan speed and the temperature of the device. You will get five noise-free fans, so you don’t have to worry about any disturbance in your work.

TopMate C5 Cooling Pad
TopMate C5 Features

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TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooler Pad is designed to take the pressure from the gaming laptop.

This often gets used to the maximum level, as the modern demanding games take up a considerable amount of resources on the laptop. That is why a cooling pad becomes a piece of essential equipment to make the experience much more palpable. 

If you are into decorative lighting, then with this cooling pad, you will

get a blue LED that will illuminate the entire device when plugged in.

It also offers five height settings to position your laptop for ideal viewing. So, you can game without worrying about setting up the laptop in the wrong way. This also an added benefit of the TopMate C5 cooling pad.

6. KLIM Cyclone Laptop Cooling Pad

Suppose you have a 17-inch laptop and are looking for cooling devices to give your laptop a much-needed performance boost. Then KLIM cyclone would be the perfect fit for you, as it offers impeccable cooling without noises.

The device fits perfectly well, and it comes with 2 USB ports to get more value out of it.

KLIM Cyclone Laptop Cooling Pad
KLIM Cyclone Features

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The color blue makes it look much more appealing, and the rubber tips will make the pad much more reliable. Also, the rubber tips prevent the cooling pad from slipping.

As the cable you will get with this device is way too short, it will not damage the overall look with a frustrating long wire.

But sometimes you need a long wire for assessing the USB port for powering the cooling pad. If you can neglect that aspect of your cooling pad, then KLIM is the device you need for your laptop without breaking the bank.

The overall perception of the cooling pad is excellent. A lot of people have benefited and continue to get more value out of the product.

You do not have to confuse about the quality of the devices or the effect that it sets out to do, because everything is premium here. The device will last much longer than any standard or generic device that you see in the market.

7. TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad

TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad
TopMate C11 Features

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If you want something more different than the traditional cooling pads that you see in the market, then TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad will fulfill all your needs while looking great.

It is not the look alone that makes this device so great in the first place; it is what’s inside. The elegant design and the customizable fan operation make TopMate C11 one of the best cooling pads in the market.

It has six fans (2 large fans and 4 small fans) that provide massive airflow to cool your entire notebook or laptop. Also, don’t worry; there won’t be any blind area as the cooling pad covers your laptop’s entire bottom region.

The ergonomic design with five height adjustments will make the TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad more comfortable to use. This cooling pad also offers 2 USB ports to allow users to connect their devices. 

In addition, TopMate C11comes with fan speed control buttons, an RGB light adjustment button, a small LED display, and a mobile phone holder.

Also, keep in mind, you need a laptop or notebook with a size between 15.6-17.3 inches to use this cooling pad more effectively.


We assume that now you have a clear idea about the features to look for and the list of best laptop cooling pads that you can get for your laptop.

Of course, each one of the cooling pads listed has its unique attachment and specs to lure people to the product. The thing is that it is up to you to decide which one you want to get for your laptop.

So read the laptop cooling pad buying guide before you make any decision. This will show a clear direction. Then go through the list of best laptop cooling pad.

The one that meets your demands should take the trophy home.

If you are hunting for a laptop cooling pad that stays under the affordable range while outputting an excellent performance, then getting the one that fits the bill will be the right way to go.

You do not have to sink all your money on getting a laptop cooling that does not serve the purpose. Some of the cooling pads might not be the right choice for you.

All the above-mentioned cooling pads differ from one to another. Still, they all share the same requirement principle at the core, which is to make your laptop cooler. 

As long as your product fits this circle, you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount on cooling pads alone.

Also, some of the frequently asked questions are listed below for your reference. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment. We will attempt our best to address it.  

F.A.Q about laptop cooling pads

How does a Laptop cooling pad work?

The cooling pad contains one or multiple fans and connects with your laptop via a USB cable. When switched on, the fans push air into the laptop lowering the temperature during more demanding tasks.

How to use a laptop cooling pad?

You just place your laptop over the cooling and plug it in. Adjust the laptop so that it fits in nicely over the pad and switch on the cooling pad.

Why use a laptop cooling pad?

Laptops easily overheat when you’re running more demanding tasks such as playing a game or working on video editing software. Overheating reduces your laptop’s performance and can shut it down to prevent the processor from burning out. A cooling supplies air to regulate temperature, allowing you to do resource-intensive tasks without problems.

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