11 Best USB-C Hubs available in India

Finding the best USB-C hub for laptop or desktop will not be easy since so many companies are making hubs. All of the hubs may share core functionality. Still, they will have different features attached to them as technology seeing rapid changes, something that likes that we have never seen.

USB-C hub is one of the devices that has been witnessing massive popularity since many of the recent laptop models are occupied with USB Type-C port. The speed and the effectiveness of the USB-C hubs make the device so popular amongst the tech-savvy and non-tech people.

When you take a look at the Indian market, you will find out there are plenty of companies involved in making a USB-C multiport adapter for different purposes. So, choosing a USB-C hub for your need becomes a tedious job. The following list will help you to pick the right USB-C hub for your need.

Best USB-C Hubs in India

USB-HubsPortsNo. of USB-AWeightOn Amazon
Belkin USB-C Multimedia HubUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, SD2180 gCheck Price
iBall USB Type-C to Multiport AdapterUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet139 gCheck Price
Dell DA300 USB-C Mobile AdapterUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, Ethernet181.6 gCheck Price
dr.com DCH-800 USB C Hub AdapterUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, Micro-SD, SD395 gCheck Price
HyperDrive Power 9-in-1 USB-C HubUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, MicroSD, SD, Audio Jack3118 gCheck Price
AmazonBasics USB-C Multiport Adapter USB-A, USB-C, HDMI145.4 gCheck Price
Artis HB400 USB-C 9-in-1 HubUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, Micro-SD, SD, Audio jack350 gCheck Price
iBosi Cheng USB-C 7-in-1 HubUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, Micro-SD, SD368 gCheck Price
Aropana USB-C 10-in-1 HubUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, Micro-SD, SD, Audio jack3168 gCheck Price
Eksa USB C 11-in-1 Multiport AdapterUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, Micro-SD, SD, Audio jack4118 gCheck Price
HooToo USB-C 6-in-1 Premium HubUSB-A, USB-C, HDMI, SD368 gCheck Price

Best USB-C Hubs available in India

Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub

Belkin USB-C Multimedia Hub with Tethered USB-C Cable
Belkin USB C Multimedia Hub Features

Check Price On Amazon

If you want to go over the budget, where the money is not the problem for you as long as you get a quality product that delivers performance with the effectiveness, then Belkin USB-C hub is the best USB-C multiport adapter that you can get your hands on.

It features an HDMI slot, USB-A 3.0, USB-B 2.0, 60W PD USB-C, SD Card Reader, and Ethernet capability. Although it is expensive, the services will be premium.

You could connect an external monitor via HDMI ports. Also, you can watch 4K videos at the refresh rate of 30Hz. When it comes to charging capability, Belkin USB-C hub supports high speed charging with the max 60W. A single USB Type-C is enough to give you a fast charging speed. If you are having any questions about the compatibility of this device, there are none. It is compactable with both Mac OS and Windows.

Belkin USB-C hub supports all types of laptops with Type C port. It is considered as the best USB-C hub for laptop and just the features alone make this device noteworthy.

iBall USB Type-C to Multiport Adapter

iBall USB Type-C to Multiport Adapter
iBall USB type-C hub features

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If you don’t want to blow too much money on a USB-C multiport adapter, then iBall has the right device with all the necessary functions you want to do with a type C adapter.

The device’s size is compatible, and it can fit anywhere; there is no need for you to carry a bag for this device. With the iBall USB Type-C hub, you can connect to external displays through its HDMI port. Planning to watch a video, it supports up to 1080p – 60Hz.

If you are looking for an ethernet port on your USB-C multiport adapter, the iBall USB Type C port has that covered. It supports bandwidths of 10 /100/ 1000 Mbps. Also, the iBall Type C hub will give you USB 3.0 data speed, which can range up to 5 Gb/sec.

If you want to use a USB 2.0, you will not be left alone, as the iBall Type C supports backward compatibility. The maximum charging capacity of the Type-C input port is 20 V at 3A (60W).

Dell DA300 USB-C Mobile Adapter

DELL DA300 USB-C Mobile Adapter
DELL DA300 USB C Mobile Adapter Features

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If you are looking to get one of the best USB-C hubs for laptops, you can’t go wrong with DELL DA300. You could connect to many peripheral devices to the laptop using this type-C USB hub.

What makes this device so unique is its portability. You can take this USB hub anywhere and use it with your laptop. If you are looking for a USB-C multiport adapter, Dell DA300 has all the features that will help you connect to multiple interfaces. Here you will get 5-inch long cable, and a stylish looking hub out of the package.

Just make sure your laptop has a Type C connecter before making the purchase. The device supports multiple devices at the same time. When it comes to brands, Dell DA300 supports Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, basically anything that has a Type C compatibility to them. You can even attach two external monitors to your laptop with this device. Looking to buy USB-C hub in India, make sure to add Dell DA300 on your list.

dr.com DCH-800 USB-C Hub Adapter

dr.com DCH-800 USB-C Hub Adapter
dr.com DCH-800 hub features

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dr.com DCH-800 is one of the best USB-C hubs for laptops, as this product has everything that you need out of a USB-C multiport adapter. The 8 ports are there to fulfill your requirement perfectly without making any issue with the features. If you are a video-savvy person, here with this device, you will get 4K with a @60Hz refresh rate. It supports SD card slots also.

At last, the design is excellent and lightweight. You can carry the device anywhere you want, as it will fit perfectly in any storage bag. The Type C data connection will give you the best quality data transfer speed.

Also, dr.com DCH-800 has three USB 3.0 ports which is more than sufficient for an average user.

HyperDrive Power 9-in-1 USB-C Hub

HyperDrive Power 9 in 1 USB C Hub
HyperDrive Power USB C Hub Features

Check Price On Amazon

HyperDrive 9 in 1 USB hub gives you one of the best looking USB Type C hubs in the market. If you have a silver-colored laptop, then this would fit perfectly with the whole ecosystem of colors.

Besides the look, what else it has to offer to the user. The first thing you should know about HyperDrive is the 9 in 1 feature, which is written boldly with the title. Here you will get 3x USB A, microSD/ Card Reader, HDMI, Ethernet, 3.5 mm jack, and that is just the bare surface.

Once you plug in this bad boy, you can stream 4K videos through HDMI, and USB-C multiport adapter to charge your phone. You can charge your phone while using the hub simultaneously. If you want to connect your HDD to the hub, you can easily do that here, but it is recommended to plug in only 1 HDD at a time.

The only negative thing about this device, that it gets off the shelf real fast. If you want to own one, you need to check on the pages every day, or you will miss it.

AmazonBasics USB-C Multiport Adapter

AmazonBasics USB-C Multiport Adapter
AmazonBasics USB-C Adapter Features

Check Price On Amazon

Getting more features without spending way too much money on it is in the mind of everybody who goes out shopping. AmazonBasics USB-C hub is one of the best USB-C hubs for laptops, as it features essential ports and a minimalistic design.

You are getting a 3 in 1 package deal with AmazonBasics USB-C Multiport Adapter. The device is compatible with chrome book, Asus Zenbook, Dell XPS 13, HP specter, Surface Pro, and many other devices.

If you are thinking about having compatibility issues with the device, you won’t have that here. With AmazonBasics USB-C hub, you will get a USB 3.1 port, which will let you transfer data at 5Gbps. HDMI port would allow you to watch 4k@30Hz, and you will need a device with an HDMI feature enabled. With a price tag that doesn’t go too far, AmazonBasics USB-C Multiport Adapter is one of the best USB-C hubs in India.

Keep in mind that this AmazonBasics USB-C multiport adapter does do not have an ethernet port and SD card slot. If you are looking for a hub with these ports, choose any other USB-C hub from this list.  

Artis HB400 USB-C 9-in-1 Hub

Artis HB400 USB Type C 9 in 1 HUB
Artis HB400 USB Type C Hub Features

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Need a perfect USB-C multiport adapter without breaking the bank for it. Then Artis HB400 USB Type C is the hub you need. Design-wise, the device has a great quality to it. Feature-wise, you will get 3 x USB 3.0, SD card reader, Micro SD slot, 3.5 mm slot for audio heads, and one Ethernet port.

The data transfer speed stays at 5Gbps; the durability of the device lasts longer. The best thing about this USB-C hub is that you don’t need to install any third-party driver to make this work on your laptop. You just simply have to plug and play, that it.

When it comes to compatibility, Artis HB400 supports all the devices that have a Type-C port. If you have a gray-colored laptop, then this device will enhance the look. The metallic finish is what makes this device look so much better. There are different variations of the product available in the market, but HB400 is by far the USB-C hub in India. It is worth the money that you spent on the device.

iBosi Cheng USB-C 7-in-1 Hub

iBosi Cheng USB C 7 in 1 USB-C Hub
iBosi Cheng USB C Hub Features

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iBosi Cheng USB C hub is one of the best USB-C hubs in India. This is one of the highly-rated USB-C Hub. Many consumers are satisfied with the product, so what made them leave a high rating on the device? The answer is simple, and it’s the number of different variety of features that they got with the Ibosi Cheng USB Type C hub.

Here you will get 3 x USB 3.0 ports, charging port, 1 HDMI port, TF card slot, and the SD card slot. The most supported resolution for HDMI port is 4k -30Hz, and you will get the choice to switch up between different resolutions such as 360p/480p/720p/1080p/2K.

The best thing about iBosi is that you won’t need drivers to run this device on your system; it follows the simple rule of plug n play. The lightweight design makes the gadget more comfortable to carry anywhere. If you like to take it with you on vacation, then this one won’t be giving you any trouble down the road. There is no compatibility issue with this USB-C multiport adapter.

Aropana USB-C 10-in-1 Hub

AROPANA 10-in-1 USB Type C Hub
AROPANA USB Type C Hub Features

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Here is another good-looking USB-C multiport adapter that comes with a 10-in-1 feature. Also, the price tag of this USB hub does not go far beyond the budget.

The 10 in 1 feature includes Type C Thunderbolt 3 port, 3x USB 3.0, HDMI 4K port, VGA, TF Card Reader, SD Card option, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The build quality is reliable, with the aluminum body. It looks good with a matching laptop right next to it.

Planning to watch a video, with this device, you can go from 1080p to 4K. It also packs in USB 3.0/ 3.1 Gen 1, which will let you transfer files faster than the 3.0. The transfer speed of data can reach up to 5Gbps. If you want to connect an ethernet adapter, USB drive, keyboard and mouse, you can very well do that. It also even supports up to 4 TB of HDD.

If you are still using USB 2.0 products, then the Aropana supports backward compatibility too. So you can use your old USB 2.0 pen drives also with this hub.

Eksa USB-C 11-in-1 Multiport Adapter

EKSA USB C Hub, 11 in 1 USB Type C Multiport Adapter
EKSA USB C Hub Features

Check Price On Amazon

ESKA USB C Hub is one of the best USB-C hubs in India. The sheer number of options you will get with the device makes it stand out amongst the rest of the USB-C hubs on the list.

This USB-C multiport adapter goes 11 in 1 multiport adapter. If you are looking for bang for value product, ESKA USB C is the device for you. Here is the list of the option you will get with this device; 3x USB 3.0 ports, 1x USB 2.0, SD card slot, Ethernet port, 3.5 mm Jack Audio Port, VGA, and 1x Type-C female connector.

Also, ESKA lets you watch videos up to 4k – 30Hz resolution, you will have the option to watch 1080p@60Hz. Here you will have both VGA and HDMI options, so you don’t have to stick only one of them.

4x USB ports will allow you to connect; keyboard, mouse, printer, thumb drive, and a Hard Drive. The data transfer speed can go up to 5Gbps. The card reader option would allow us to transfer images from camera to laptop quickly without any trouble.

HooToo USB-C 6-in-1 Premium Hub

HooToo USB C Hub 6-in-1 Premium USB C Adapter
HooToo USB C Hub Features

Check Price On Amazon

If you are a person who likes anything silver while paying attention to the features, you will get with a device. HooToo USB C comes with premium features all installed in a great looking USB-C multiport adapter that you can in today’s market.

It comes with 100W power delivery, HDMI port, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, and an SD card reader. HooToo supports google Chromebook and any laptop that has the Type C compatibility.

The data transfer speed is mind-numbing fast, and the HDMI port supports video resolution up to 4K. You can switch between 360p/480p/720p/1080@60Hz.

Also, this USB hub is a simple plug and play device. No compatibility issues with this device, as it supports a long range of devices, both new and old.  Also, make sure that your device has a dedicated Type-C port if you want to plug this hub on it. You can stick multiple flash drives. But it can handle only one Hard Disk (1TB) at a time.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best USB-C multiport adapters that you can get in the market. While all of them may have different styles to them, in the core, they all serve the same basic functionality. It all comes down to you on how many things you want on your USB-C multiport adapter.

If you are looking to have multiple features in just one device, you need to spend more money instead of getting a device that does the basic simple things. Deciding on the best USB-C hub for laptops will be tough since there are many available choices. So many brands are taking so many steps to make the device perfect for all users.

This rise in competition has given the products above. All of them are unique to their own with the features to thrive for. If you are a tech-savvy person, you will find the one that suits you the most, since there are many that packs in 11 in 1 feature. If you want to keep it normal, then you can set the budget to medium.

Commonly asked question:

What is a USB-C hub adapter?

A USB-C multiport adapter allows you to connect multiple peripherals by using a single USB hub through USB-C port.

Think of it as an all in one solution. If you want to stick more things into your laptop, you don’t have that many slots installed on both sides. Then the USB hub will let you connect as many devices as you want on your laptop. You can connect USB flash drives, hard drives, ethernet port, audio jack, and many more. It all depends on the type of hub you get for your laptop.

What are the key features of the USB Type-C Adapters?

The features you get with a Type C adapter are a lot. But the most important factor of USB type c is the variation. In the market, you will see Thunderbolt over USB-C which will let you connect external devices, and then there is DisplayPort over USB – C, this allows the user to use the type C to connect monitors with high resolution streaming.  Again, the variation is what makes USB-C multiport adapters versatile in the market. You can get USB Type C to VGA or HDMI to make your laptop to connect with monitors, displays VIA the cable.

You can use the USB Type-C to make your laptop connect to the ethernet. Since so many people rely on broadband services. You can also use USB Type-C to connect your laptop with external devices such as a keyboard, mouse, USB drives, HDD, printers, speakers, and many other essential peripherals.

Does the USB-C hub need external power?

To simply put, No. USB-C multiport adapters don’t need any external power to make the device run its services.

It doesn’t matter if you consider a moderately priced product to be the best USB-C hub for a laptop or an expensive one. Both of them will run fine without needing any power at all. All you have to do is to plug into your laptop’s USB-C port, and that’s it.

What do you look for in a USB-C hub?

Usually, when people go for, USB-C multiport adapter, they have various things in their minds. The connectivity options and budget are two main things.  If the device doesn’t have the solution they are looking for, it would be worthless to have them.

Since the USB-C multiport adapter features USB slots, SD card slot, HDMI port, VGA, and including many other things. You need to figure out which one of them that you really want. If you are planning to get a USB-C multiport adapter with 2 HDMI port, then you can rule out the rest of the devices off the list. If you are buying for Ethernet port, then you can take out the devices that don’t have that capability.

Since there are many USB-C hubs in India, you can follow the above list to find out what you want, rather than spending a huge sum of money.

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