DMR 46-1218, Mini portable washing machine – Review

DMR mini washing machines are India’s first portable mini washing machines. They are very handy and portable to carry.

Modern working style and social life made washing a hurdle thing for bachelors and small families. In that case, DMR mini washing machines are a good option to consider.

DMR 46-1218

DMR mini washing machines are available in several models like DMR 30-1208, DMR 46-1218. DMR 30-1208 is a 3kg washing machine mainly suitable for baby clothes.

DMR 46-1218 is a Portable Semi Automatic Washing Machine with a 4.6 kg capacity. DMR 46-1218 is very suitable for small families and bachelors.

DMR 46-1218 portable washing machine

DMR 46-1218 – MAIN features :

  • Portable Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  • Light Weight and convenient to carry
  • Washing Capacity 4.6 kg
  • Spin Capacity 2 kg (Steel Basket)
  • Wash and Spin Power – 240 W
  • Dim(cm): W 42 X L 45 X H 66
  • Motor Type – Copper Motor
  • Wash Time – 15 Minutes
  • Spin Time – 6 Minutes
  • Washing Cycles – Clockwise and Anti Clockwise
  • Suitable for washing 8-9 cloths

The washing capacity is good enough to wash two double bedsheets together. DMR 46-1218 has a thermostat attached to a motor. If the motor got overheated, the washing machine stops automatically to prevent damage.

The spin capacity is very less and not that efficient. But two shirts at a time can be spun. A little Manuel intervention is required for drying.

The water inlet is there on the top of the washing machine. It can also fill water manually using a mug or bucket. DMR 46-1218 requires less water compared to any other washing machine. The timer for washing and drying can adjust manually.

DMR 46-1218 is very less weighted and can easily transfer to any place.

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