5 Best FM Radios available in India

Are you looking for the best FM Radios? If yes, then stay on this article till the end. This article entails the 5 best Fm Radios you should purchase for listening to the music and enjoy.

People who grew up in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s … now are nostalgic for the music of their respective decades. Why not? After all, we’ve lived through the golden age of Indian music and everything that it entailed. India is a varied country with a diverse range of cultures and people who enjoy various interests. Even when it comes to music, people’s opinions are also varied.

However, choosing which radio is best and also within an affordable price can be a challenging task but not impossible. So, in this article, we will go over the five best FM Radios available in India with the FM radio buying guide. These items are gaining a lot of popularity among buyers, and they’re excellent choices for music fans.

Best FM Radios available in India

FM RadiosBandsEarphone JackPower SourceOn Amazon
Saregama Carvaan Premium Hindi FM, AMYesRechargeableCheck Price
Panasonic RF-2400DFM, AMYesAC / 4 AA batteriesCheck Price
SONY ICFP26 FM, AMYes2 AA batteriesCheck Price
TOSHIBA TY-HRU30FM, AMYesAC / 2 R20 batteriesCheck Price
Amkette Pocket FMFMYesRechargeableCheck Price

Saregama Carvaan Premium Hindi

Saregama created Carvaan, a modern music player that was presented in 2017 with the goal of satisfying people’s need for a high-tech digital speaker that acts as a music player and as a bank of India’s best music.

Saregama Carvaan Premium

Check Price On Amazon

The most noticeable feature is a companion app (iOS and Android) that allows users to select their preferred music or construct their Carvaan playlist. Carvaan Premium currently has more than 50 new stations dedicated to Bollywood stars such as Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Sharmila Tagore, Rishi Kapoor, etc.

Key Features

  • The Caravan has a USB playback, Bluetooth, FM radio, and a Saregama mode that allows you to listen to your music library.
  •  Wi-Fi connectivity provides customers a new method to play music, which is a significant new feature of the Carvaan 2.0.
  • The Wi-Fi mode on the speaker is an expansion of the Saregama mode, which allows users to listen to music collections handpicked by Saregama.


  • The audio quality is adequate in and of itself. It works best with saved music, giving the classic tones of vintage tunes and radio commentary clearly and audibly. The speaker is loud enough to go to a park for a picnic, and it’s highly mid-centric, which makes it ideal for vocal-led tunes.
  • Even individuals who aren’t acquainted with technology will be able to shift from listening to old music to the newest songs with ease due to the easy tuning knob.
  • It is excellent in looking, and it is simple to use


  • Average speaker, ideal for vocal-driven music
  • It’s challenging to identify individual tunes.
  • The battery life could be improved.

Panasonic RF-2400D

This Panasonic portable radio has a classic design with a conventional tuner and a vintage appearance. Finding the right station is a cakewalk with a large dial, which allows you to search the radio waves for all of your favorite stations and music.

Panasonic RF-2400D radio

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The redesigned digital tunnel allows for easy adjustment and consistent reception. The auto frequency control function increases the range of AM radio reception and makes tuning easier. It does away with the necessity for precise tuning by automatically picking the closest station.

Key Features

  • Digital Tuner on FM/AM Analogue Radio for improved and more accurate/stable tuning.
  • It works with 4 AA batteries or direct mains power. The detachable mains lead is included. Tuning is simple with the giant radio dial panel.
  • Large 10cm speaker with 770MW power for excellent sound. For good sound, there’s a 10cm speaker and a Ferrite Antenna.
  •  You may also listen quietly via the Headphone plug. For good reception, there’s an LED tuning indication and a telescopic antenna.


  • A fluorescent pointer enables comfortable reading in the dark, making the frequency digits larger and easier to see.
  • It has a Universal Design and a new digital tuner with a tuning LED indicator for easy and steady tuning.
  • It includes a convenient carrying handle. Also, it can be powered with 4 AA batteries or direct electricity with the provided lead.


  • The sound quality might be distorted.
  • The AC cord is thick and rigid.

SONY ICFP26 FM/AM Two Band Radio

SONY ICF P26 is one of the best portable AM/FM radios available in India. It is pocket-sized for easy transport. The ultra-compact form fits effortlessly into the shirt, jacket, and purse pockets.

SONY ICFP26 FM/AM Two Band Radio

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The built-in speaker allows you to enjoy the radio wherever you go. The Earphone jack is provided for private listening and better sound quality in noisy situations.

Even in low light, the LED Adjustment Indicator aids in exact station tuning. A telescopic antenna is included for FM radio reception, and a built-in ferrite antenna is provided for AM reception.

Key Features

  • Best AM/FM radios tuner built-in
  • The hand strap is built-in for added portability.
  • Dedicated headphone jack for private listening
  • Indicators for LED adjustment and battery status


  • It has a High-quality construction.
  • Incredible portability
  • You’ll be receiving a well-known brand like Sony.
  • It runs on two AA batteries to operate
  • It also catches stations that are far away.


  • The sound quality isn’t excellent.

TOSHIBA TY-HRU30 Multi-Band Radio with USB

This lightweight radio with a vintage design was created in Japan. The color combination (black, wood, and silver) of the Wooden Cabinet Design give it a sleek appearance.

TOSHIBA TY-HRU30 Multi-Band Radio

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Large buttons make operation simple and can be operated by people of all ages. The included hand strap allows you to grip and carry the device easily.

Key Features

  • It has both AC and battery-powered options. This provides you the opportunity of utilizing the device at home or on the go. The 3V DC R20 Batteries (D battery) provide continuous service for more than 3 hours on medium volume.
  • The sound quality of the 9cm (8″) mono speaker is good, with decent bass and treble. A 3.5 mm earphone port is also included, allowing for more personal usage of the device.
  • Tune FM, AM, MW, and SW1-6 with this multi-band frequency-sensitive model. High sensitivity antennas pick up even the weakest broadcasting signals in faraway places, resulting in a clear output.
  • A USB port is provided. So, you can play songs from USB Pendrive.


  • High/low tune modes
  • It has excellent sound quality.
  • lightweight and portable, which can be easy to handle
  • It has a headphone port also.
  • It can use as a USB music player
  • Multiple band selection


  • The antenna may not pick up some signals.
  • No auto-scan feature

Amkette Pocket FM Radio

Amkette pocket is a portable pocket-friendly FM radio. Don’t be confused by its small size; it packs a punch with sounds that will blow your socks off.

Amkette Pocket FM Radio

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It has numerous playback choices, including USB, SD card, and FM radio, allowing you to listen to the newest chart-topping hits.

You can also use Amkette Pocket FM Radio as a speaker for your windows laptop or Mac with the provided USB cable.

Key Features

  • Pocket FM Portable Multimedia Speaker offers various music playback options, including an integrated MP3 player that can be connected to a USB drive or a Micro SD card.
  • You may also use the included USB connector to connect this speaker to a laptop or PC or even a MacBook to play music straight on the speaker.
  • The Pocket FM portable multimedia speaker has an external FM antenna with a strong range for optimum reception. So quit fiddling with the antenna and start enjoying the show.
  • The speaker has a dedicated button that turns on a powerful emergency lamp to aid illumination in the dark. Backlight buttons are also available for convenience during the day or night.


  • It has good quality on FM, micro-SD and decent on USB player
  • The volume is quite good, surprisingly good.
  • It has an extended battery life of at least four days.
  • An emergency flashlight feature is available on this radio.


  • Even with the flexible antenna cum carry band, coverage is low in the center of the house, and you have to continue shifting the direction to obtain clear audio.

How to choose the best FM Radio?

Here is a concise guide to help you choose the handiest FM radios that will provide you incredible entertainment. You must take care of all these things while purchasing the Radios.

Assemble high-quality materials

The manufacturing quality is the essential factor to consider when purchasing a new FM radio. Ensure the radio’s material and physical buttons are the highest quality, and feel free to use them. You must pay attention to such things since they will influence the long-term viability of FM radio.

List of features

Modern FM radios come with several cutting-edge features that make it easier for consumers to dive deeper into the world of entertainment. Make sure that your FM radio has all the functions that you enjoy. Only a few FM radios come with preloaded music, and only a few have a USB port. Pick carefully and select the best option for your budget.

Sound quality

The sound quality is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a new FM or music device. Make sure the thing you’re buying is of good, consistent quality and that you can rely on it to play your favorite music flawlessly.


Batteries are made of various materials, but you must pick the correct one to ensure long battery life. Choose lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer radio batteries, which last for 16 to 24 months. They also last longer, reducing the need to charge and replace batteries regularly. Battery-powered radios are more energy-efficient than electric radios since they minimize power usage and expenses.


When it comes to FM radios, mobility and compactness take precedence over bulky, fixed models. This is to ensure that handling, usage, and maintenance are as simple as possible.

Portability is a personal choice. If you want to take the radio with you while traveling, then a portable pocket-friendly radio will be a good choice. Remember to choose radios with a built-in carrying handle so you can take them with you on excursions and other outdoor activities.

Option to record

If you like to record the radio telecast, a radio with a recording option may suit you. Choose an FM radio with microphone capabilities and a TF/SD card or USB cable slot. This allows you to enjoy the broadcast from your favorite station while recording audio for professional or instructional purposes.

The FM Radio Tips and Advice

  • If you want a battery-powered FM radio but are concerned about the cost of all those batteries, try buying rechargeable batteries instead. You can also have an additional pair on hand if the batteries die and you’re not left without a radio.
  • Raise your FM radio’s antenna as high as feasible where you are to receive the most excellent signal. However, keep in mind that your reception may be affected by variables such as your location’s height and any objects that might obstruct the radio signal. As a result, walking outside may improve your listening experience.
  • Check whether the manufacturer provides the power plug when purchasing an FM radio that works with both batteries and an AC converter. When the manufacturer intended the radio to be used primarily with batteries, you may need to purchase it as a separate accessory.
  • If you wish to connect your phone or MP3 player to your radio, ensure you have the correct cable and connector. A regular AUX cable may be plugged into your device’s headphone socket; however, some devices, such as newer iPhones, may require an adaptor.
  • If you have problems obtaining excellent reception where you listen the most, you may use your FM radio with a second antenna placed inside or outside your home.


Choosing the best FM radio in India may bring joy and happiness to your hectic existence by providing you with a relaxing and pleasant musical experience all at once. FM radios with valuable features may be one of your most satisfactory purchases since they allow you to listen to your favorite music, record audio, listen to podcasts, and more from the comfort of your own home.

To save money, look for a sophisticated radio that is portable and battery-powered rather than an electrical radio when picking one that works best for you. Nothing will stop you from dancing to your favorite tracks now that you’re aware of the numerous advantages of getting an FM radio!

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