HealthSense PS 177 Glass Top Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

You can find a weighing scale everywhere, including gym, public places like bus stand, railway station, hospitals, etc.

But My question is, do you have one? If your answer is ‘No’, seriously you have to procure a new one.

Three months before one of my relatives got admitted to the hospital, and doctors advised him to put on weight (He was underweight). That time we had no personal weighing scale in our home and monitoring the body weight was a little difficult for us.

So we decided to buy a new one form an online shopping site. My favorite shopping site is and searched for an affordable personal weighing scale.

Things To Consider When Buying a personal Weighing Machine

What are the things I looked for while searching to buy a personal weighing scale?

Digital weighing scales are more accurate than analog weighing scales. So I decided to go for a digital one.

2. Sensors
Sensors are the heart of the weighing scale. The accurate measurement depends on the sensors of the weighing scale.

3. Weight range /capacity
According to our requirement, we have to consider the maximum and minimum capacity of the weighing scale.

One important thing to keep in mind while looking for the capacity is that, if you are buying a lower rang of maximum capacity, it will be difficult to measure high wight.

For a personal weighing scale maximum capacity, 150-180 kg was right for me.

4. Environment
Another important thing to consider is the place where you are going to keep the weighing scale. If you are planning to keep it in places with high moisture and humidity, consider those options also. My preferred place is the living room, so for me, no need for a waterproofed weighing scale.

5. Powering option
Battery supported weighing scale are easy to transfer anywhere (where plug points are not available).

6. Units and display
The kilogram is the preferred unit for me. You can consider additional units like pounds, stone, etc. Since I choose a digital weighing scale, I prefer a display with LED backlight supported.

7. Design
For me, the function was more important than design. Still, a good looking personal weighing scale will add beauty to the room where it is kept.

8. Skidproof
We should be very careful while using a weighing scale. The skidproof feature minimizes the chance of an accident. It is recommended to take extra care while using a weighing scale for children and pregnant women to avoid any possible accidents.

Based on the above points and budget (the important thing), I looked for a suitable personal weighing scale in My eyes caught on Health sense Glass-top personal scale PS-117.

If you are looking for a smart personal digital weighing scale instead of a regular digital weighing scale, several smart weighing scales with Bluetooth connectivity and body composition analysis features are available in the market now.

HealthSense PS 177 Glass Top Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

Healthsense PS-117

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The price was in my budget and I decided to go for HealthSense PS 177 Digital Personal Weighing Scale. The delivery service of amazon was very impressive.

After receiving the parcel I made a video on unboxing and testing of Healthsense PS-117 (You can view it on Techabettor Youtube Chanel).

Coming to Healthsense PS-117, it is a glass-top personal scale. That means the surface is glass finished.

This is a very compact personal weighing scale with dimensions 268mm X 241mm X 23mm.

Helthsense PS-117

Some notable features of HS PS-117 are:

G-sensors: product description on the cover shows that it has four High-gauge G sensors which can give accurate measurement up to 180kg.

Accuracy: Error in the measurement can be +/-0.3kg or +/-0.66lb or +/-0.04st. So I prefer to take three consecutive measurements and take the average.

Weight range: PS-117 can measure weight up to 3-180kg.

Units: It supports three units Kilogram, pound, and stone.

Sense On: Unattended weighing scale will go to stand by mode. Sense on technology activates the scale automatically once you stand on it.

Large LCD display: LED backlighted Large LCD display to allow you to see the measurement even in dark.

Thickness: This is a thin weighing scale with 23mm thickness. The glass on top has 6mm thickness.

Skidproof: As I mentioned earlier extra care should be taken while children and pregnant women are using a weighing scale. Skidproof rubber feet minimize the chance of skidding.

Battery: PS-117 needs two 1.5V AAA batteries.

Check Price of Health sense PS-117 On Amazon


Watch Unboxing and testing of HealthSense PS 117

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