13 Best wireless Bluetooth speakers under Rs 1000

Are you looking for a portable best wireless Bluetooth speaker under Rs 1000? In that case, you are in the right place. We assure you will get the right one for your needs before leaving this page.

There are several advantages of having a wireless Bluetooth speaker. 

The first and foremost is the freedom to connect wirelessly. It avoids messy wires between speakers and sound sources like a smartphone, laptop, etc. 

Also, portable Bluetooth speakers have inbuilt rechargeable batteries. Because of this inbuilt power source, you can carry these portable speakers to your favorite places. 

In this post, Techabettor analyzed the portable Bluetooth speakers in the Indian market and came up with the list of top 13 best wireless Bluetooth speakers under Rs 1000. 

If you have a little more budget and like portable speakers with dynamic light effects, then have a look at the list of portable wireless speakers with dynamic LED light setup.

Best portable wireless Bluetooth speakers under Rs 1000

If you have a budget of Rs 1000, then the blow list will be handy for you. Speakers in the following list are the highly-rated affordable wireless portable speakers under Rs 1000 available to buy online.

boAt Stone 170 True Wireless speaker

boAt Stone 170 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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Boat stone 170 is a popular portable budget wireless Bluetooth speaker you can get around Rs1000. This small wireless speaker is packed with several functions you are looking for. 

Let’s see all the features one by one. Start with connectivity features. Boat stone 170 has wireless, AUX, and micro Sd card support. Also, it has a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function. That means you can connect two stone 170 speakers at the same time. 

This speaker has a 5Watts total RMS output with premium HD sound quality and supports hand-free calling. 

Sometimes you could be worried about taking the portable speaker outside during a rainy day. Don’t worry, and boat stone 170 has the IPX6 water-resistant feature that helps to prevent the damage from water. 

This speaker is available in several color variations like black, cobalt blue, camo green, etc. Moreover, Stone 170 is very portable and lightweight.

Portronics Dynamo POR-394

Portronics Dynamo POR-394

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Portronics Dynamo POR-394 is a travel-friendly wireless Bluetooth speaker from Portronics. It also has a compact premium design with a metallic grille.

An exciting feature of this speaker is that you can pair two smartphones to this speaker at the same time without any connectivity issues (support TWS). POR-394 is light weighted and easy to carry anywhere.

POR-394 is a 5W speaker with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, USB input, and FM radio. Also, it supports hands-free calling.

According to the manufacturer, it has a playtime of 10-12 hours once fully charged.

If you are looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker under Rs 1000 with portability and long power back up, then POR-394 is the best option.

Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker

Mivi Play Bluetooth Speaker

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Mivi Play is an ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker under Rs 1000. It has a beautiful design and is available in several color variations.

The power full 5W driver can deliver high-quality, studio-grade sound. According to the manufacturer, this portable speaker can provide a playback time of up to 12 hours.

Coming to the connectivity features, Mivi Play supports Bluetooth 5.0 and AUX. Also, it has an inbuilt microphone for hands-free calls.

This made-in-India speaker is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a budget portable speaker.

Clavier Fusion Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Clavier Fusion Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Clavier Fusion is a gorgeous-looking portable Bluetooth speaker with LED flashing light.

Like other speakers mentioned in this list, Clavier Fusion also has Bluetooth, AUX, and Micro-SD cards as input connectivity options. It also has hands-free call support.

One notable feature of this speaker is the dual-channel smart chipset. So, the speaker delivers high bass, noise-free clear sound.

According to the manufacturer, it can operate up to 8-10 hours on a full charge. Clavier Fusion is one of the best 5W portable speakers under Rs 1000 with Bluetooth 5.0 support.

boAt Stone 200 Portable Wireless Speaker 

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As usual, boAt tries to give a quality product in a budget price range for its customers that we can see in Stone 200 portable speakers. boAt’s Stone 200 is a 3W portable Bluetooth speaker with hands-free call support.

 The robust and durable rubber matte finish on the body can prevent accidental damage and give a luxurious look. Besides the shockproof feature, it also has an IPX6 water-resistant feature. So you can take it outdoors on rainy days too. 

Upon full charge, it can operate for 10 hours. In addition to Bluetooth, it also has an AUX connectivity option. Control buttons are provided on the top of the speaker for easy navigation. You can attach a strap to it and hang it anywhere you want. 

It is a worth-buy portable speaker at a budget price.

Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker

Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker

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Zebronics Zeb-County has an elegant design and a beautiful look. If you are looking for a feature-packed portable wireless speaker, Zebronics Zeb-County is for you. This 3W speaker has a wide range of input connectivity options, including Bluetooth, AUX, microSD, and USB.

Zeb-County also has an inbuilt FM radio function allowing you to enjoy programs from your local FM radio stations. Bluetooth-supported wireless features also let you take/answer calls in a hands-free manner.

Compared to the price point, this speaker is a useful accessory gadget for your smartphone.

Infinity Fuze Pint

Infinity Fuze Pint Deep Bass speaker

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This list of best portable wireless speakers will be incomplete without the speakers from infinity. Infinity fuze pint deep bass portable wireless speaker is a pocket-size speaker with deep bass output. The wireless connectivity is supported by Bluetooth version 5.0. 

Infinity Fuze Pint is a value for money product with an average 5 hours playtime, voice assistant integration, and hands-free support. Also, dual equalizer mode helps you to switch between normal and deep bass output.

This 65 grams small wireless speaker comes in different color options, including black, blue, and red. You can consider this budget travel-friendly speaker as a perfect gifting option also. 

Mi Compact 2 Bluetooth Speaker 

Mi Compact 2 Bluetooth Speaker

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Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 is one of the highly-rated must buy portable wireless speakers from Mi. This 2 Watt speaker supports hands-free calls and has a playback time of 6 hours. A strap hole is provided so that you could attach a beautiful strap to this speaker. 

As the name suggests, this speaker is very compact and has a parametric mesh design to cover the speaker. 

Mi Compact 2 has Bluetooth version 4.2 and also supports hands-free calling. You could charge Mi compact 2 using a micro- USB charging adaptor. 

Sometimes visitors may ask how I can connect my mobile phone to Mi Compact 2? 

Connecting your smartphone to Mi compact 2 is straightforward. 

  1. Turn on the portable speaker, press, and hold the power button for 4 sec.
  2. Switch on the Bluetooth mode on your smartphone.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth device list and search for new devices.
  4. Select “Mi BT18” on the device list.
  5. Now your Mi compact 2 will connect to your smartphone.

Once you connected the MI compact 2 with your smartphone, you could also see the battery life of MI compact 2 on your smartphone’s status bar.

F&D W4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

F&D W4 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Among the fastest-growing sound technology companies, Fenda India has already created its signature with a vast range of products, including multimedia speaker systems, soundbars, portable speakers, etc.

F&D W4 is one of the highly-rated Bluetooth wireless portable speakers available in the market. W4 has an attractive cubic design and 1.5 inches, full-range neodymium driver. 

In addition to wireless Bluetooth connectivity, W4 supports microSD cards also. One downside of this speaker is that it lacks hands-free calling. But if you are looking for a portable speaker with good sound output and lightweight, F&D W4 is a great gadget for you.

Philips IN-BT40BK/94 Wireless Portable Speaker

Philips IN-BT40BK-94 wireless speaker

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From Philips, IN-BT40BK is a good portable Bluetooth speaker you can get in the range of Rs 1000. It has a powerful sound output and a compact design. A knitted strap is provided for convenient handling. 

This is also a 3W speaker and has an inbuilt microphone for hands-free calling. It also has AUX and microSD card input ports. If you are a fan of Philips products, then you would like it. IN-BT40BK/94 is one of the best Philips Bluetooth speakers under Rs 1000.

iBall MusiPlay A1 

iBall MusiPlay A1 wireless speaker

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The next one in this list is the iBall Musiplay A1 ultra-portable wireless speaker. This 3W speaker has Bluetooth and micro-SD card input options. Also, Musiplay A1 has FM radio and hands-free call support. 

As always, iBall surprises its customers with a vast range of color choices. iBall Musiplay A1 is available in twelve color variations, including midnight black, Olive green, yellow, coral blue, and much more. Also, this is a pocket-friendly portable Bluetooth speaker with a cube design and has a total weight of 170g. 

According to the manufacturer, up to 1.5 hours charging, MusiPlay A1 can operate up to 6 hours with mid-level volume. 

Artis BT08 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Artis BT08 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Artis always impresses its customers by providing innovative and futuristic solutions. They have a wide range of portable wireless speakers, including Artis BT90, Artis BT99, Artis BT08, Artis BT81, with a different price range.

If you are looking for portable speakers under RS 1000, Artis BT08 will be suitable for you. Artis BT08 supports different input options like Aux and microSD card in addition to Bluetooth wireless feature. Also, it supports hands-free calling.

BT08 is a 3W speaker with Dynamic sound effects and crystal clear sound playback. Artis BT08 has a cylindrical design with a total weight of 91 grams. 

Photron P10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Photron P10 Bluetooth Speaker

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Photron brand is a subdivision of photoronics Inc. From Photron, P10 is a powerful portable wireless speaker with 3W output. The built-in microphone helps you to answer calls without skipping music beats.

The 400 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery takes ~3 hours to charge fully. Power backup gives talk time up to 4.5 hours with standby time up to ~165 hours.

P10 is an excellent wireless speaker with Aux-In connection, micro-SD card slot, and FM radio 

Final thoughts

Now you might have a clear idea of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers available under Rs 1000. You can follow the table on the top to get a comparative view of all the speakers listed above. We tried to include the best one in this list keeping in mind the budget. 

Also, before selecting any portable wireless Bluetooth speakers under Rs 1000, you must keep in mind several points. Some of them are:

  • Portability and size
  • Sound quality
  • The range of wireless connectivity
  • Type of input and output
  • Hand-free microphone functionality
  • Battery capacity and playtime

As you now know, most of the speakers under Rs1000 have speaker drivers with a total RMS output of 5W or 3 Watts. Also, most of the models have AUX and micro SD card support in addition to Bluetooth. 

If you are specifically looking for IPX6 water-resistant features, the boAT’s Stone-170 and Stone-200 have this feature in this price range. Models with TWS (True Wireless Stereo) supports are boAT stone-170 and Portronics Dynamo POR-394 on this list.
In ultra-lightweight speakers weighted under 100 grams, Mi Compact 2, Infinity Fuze Pint, and Artis BT08 will be the right choice.

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