5 Best Egg Boilers In India

There are many egg boiler brands in the market, but only a few of them stand out for their excellent performance. Here is our list of the best egg boilers that you can buy online in India, along with the buying guide.

Several individuals consider eggs a core meal since they are adaptable, affordable, and high in protein and minerals. However, let’s face it: boiling an egg is a time-consuming and challenging operation.

An egg boiler comes in handy in this situation. You don’t need to be close to the gas burner to keep an eye on it. You could effortlessly prepare beautiful smooth-boiled or hard-boiled eggs in an egg boiler, avoiding the eggs appearing overcooked or undercooked. And say goodbye to dark uncooked green yolks!

This post will cover the numerous advantages of having an egg boiler and the different kinds of egg boilers, regulatory considerations, and suggestions for boiling flawless eggs.

How to choose the best egg Boiler?

Choosing the best egg boiler is critical, but specific considerations and characteristics should be evaluated before purchasing.

This thorough guideline would assist you in choosing the best egg boiler for your kitchen.

The nonstick coating

The nonstick coating on the boilers is required to get the whole egg boiled uniformly. Also, the nonstick coating prevents the eggs from sticking to the pan’s bottom. Nobody seems to have the leisure to monitor a single moment if the eggs stick to the pan, which adds to the labor and effort required. Therefore, a nonstick panel, instead of a regular one, is required.


If you’re searching for an egg cooker in the initial instance, you’re seeking a way to make cooking eggs easier. But, of course, you could always avoid the inconveniences when preparing the eggs as well. As a result, if an egg cooker has specific appealing characteristics but fails to make your job simpler in actuality, you must search for something different.


An egg boiler must be portable, small in size, and easy to carry; also, it shouldn’t occupy much space in your kitchen. In addition, it must be practical and easy to access. Finally, it should be simple enough for a layperson to operate, particularly for individuals who live in hostels and are far from family.


The cooker needs to be able to boil multiple eggs at once, which improves effectiveness. For example, it could be two-layered to yield more boiled eggs than a traditional one-layer cooker.

It becomes more pleasant in the mornings, particularly if you are rushing to be somewhere and don’t have a moment to eat breakfast.

Power consumption

An energy-efficient egg cooker would help to conserve electricity. It would certainly help you save money on your power bill.


Most boilers have an indicator that sounds when the cooking process is over. The operator would almost always need to switch off the boiler themself.

However, if you have hearing problems or are too busy with your work, you may require a boiler with auto-shutdown. It guarantees that the cooker is promptly turned off at the end of the boiling process.


Poaching eggs and steaming veggies and seafood are possible with certain boilers. It is an essential element to think about when purchasing an egg boiler since it takes less time.


Egg boilers are often built of aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, or an alloy of these materials. The inside component is usually composed of metal, while the heating plate is constructed of a conducting substance. Plastic covers are helpful since they let you observe what’s going on within and don’t get too overheated. Plastic versions, on the other hand, are not as long-lasting as their metallic counterparts.


While picking which egg cooker is ideal for you from the several options, consider the expense of the egg cooker for the functionality or comfort it provides. You must think about if you want that one more function that will raise the price of the egg cooker and whether it’s worth it.


If you have a small kitchen, you’ll want to choose a piece that would occupy up the slightest bit of room possible. In addition, the small design makes it easy to keep when not used.


For ease of mind, always examine the duration and breadth of the guarantee when purchasing an egg cooker. Not simply when purchasing an egg boiler but also when spending in or acquiring some other gadget or piece of machinery.

5 Best Egg Boilers in India

Egg BoilersEgg capacityPowerWarranty
Kent Super Egg Boiler6400 W1 Year
MILTON Smart Egg Boiler7360 W1 Year
Prestige PEGB -01 Stainless Steel Egg Boiler7360 W1 Year
Simxen Egg Boiler7350 W-
Nutricook Rapid Egg Boiler7360 W1 Year

1. Kent Super Egg Boiler

kent super egg boiler

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Whenever it relates to R.O. water filters, Kent has gained a household name in India. This company is currently expanding its reach into a variety of different technological items. Its items are of exceptional excellence.

The Kent Super Egg Boiler is a gorgeous and efficient gadget that allows you to boil six eggs quickly and conveniently. This equipment was created with the dedicated cooker in mind. As a result, it’s among the finest technologically sophisticated egg boilers available. This is one of the best electric egg boilers available in India.

Key Features

  • The Kent Super Egg Boiler’s 400W output is sufficient to hard-boil six eggs in 7-8 minutes.
  • There are three different boiling modalities: mild, moderate, and severe. You could focus on other chores when the eggs are cooking, thanks to the automatic turn-off functionality.
  • A one-year product guarantee is included.


  • The boiler heats up faster with 400W of electricity.
  • Due to the usage of steel, the construction integrity is good, and the size is small.
  • Operations with a single tap
  • Over-temperature prevention and automatic power-off
  • Consumer feedback is positive.


  • There is no separate heating bowl available.
  • A poaching bowl is not supplied.

      2. MILTON Smart Egg Boiler

      Milton smart egg boiler

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      It’s a lifesaver in any scenario; the automated power-off feature turns off the gadget once you’ve boiled the egg to your liking. You may immediately serve egg salads for Egg Breakfast to your visitors.

      Due to its stainless-steel body and plate, which offer exceptional heat transmission abilities while maintaining water level, so you could use this item for extended periods. In addition, the egg boiler is protected from overheating by overheating prevention mechanism.

      Key Features

      • Capacity: 7 eggs
      • Shutdown by itself
      • Soft/medium/hard-boiled
      • The body and heating plate are made of stainless steel.
      • Execution with a single touch
      • Wattage: 360 Watts
      • Steam circulation in all directions


      • The one-touch action provides simplicity.
      • It has three different cooking modes.
      • The automated power-off mechanism ensures that your protection is never compromised.
      • The stainless steel body and plate ensure long-term use.
      • Inexpensive


      • Inefficient use of energy

      3. Prestige PEGB-01 Stainless Steel Egg Boiler

      Prestige PEGB

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      There is barely a home in India that is unaware of the term “Prestige.” Therefore, consumers will evaluate the item as a potential choice just by looking at the brand.

      With microwave ovens, nonstick gadgets, gas burners, induction stoves, mixers, and so on, it has a diverse inventory. The Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01 is a basic yet effective egg boiler with three distinct boiling eggs.

      Key Features

      • Seven eggs Capacity 
      • Stainless Steel
      • 3 Modes 
      • The maximum time to boil is only 5 min 
      • 360 watts Power 
      • One year Warranty 


      • The warranty period of one year
      • function with a simple click
      • Auto-switch off 
      • A measuring cup with accurate markings for three distinct settings is included.


      • 1.5 kilograms weight

      4. Simxen Egg Boiler

      Simxen Egg Boiler

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      This egg boiler has an auto-shutoff option and comes in four different colors (Blue, Pink, Yellow, and White). It is incredibly convenient and inexpensive. It is primarily made of plastic and metal. In a simple procedure, you could boil up to 7 eggs. You could even control it with just a simple click.

      Key Features

      • Length: 16 Centimeters
      •  Width: 16 Centimeters
      •  Height: 16 Centimeters
      •  Power: 350 Watts


      • Simxen Egg Boiler is built of high-quality ABS plastic, which is lightweight and long-lasting.
      • Stainless steel heating plate, large storage construction, dual overcurrent insulation, impenetrable crystal glass upper lid, and simple-to-see operating warning light are the primary features of this item.
      • Many people are drawn to it because of its distinct appearance, but its great function steals the stage a single time.
      • It can boil seven eggs at once.
      • It also has a single touch that makes it simple to use.


      • There are no options for a complex, medium, or soft boil. Therefore, you must carefully verify according to your needs.
      • Because a wire’s length is too little, and one can’t use it anywhere.

      5. Nutricook Rapid Egg Cooker

      Nutricook Rapid Egg Boiler

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      Get yourself the Nutricook Rapid Egg Cooker by NutriBullet. This bright kitchen device is excellent for boiling eggs if you seek an economical egg cooker that delivers high-quality results. It assists you in determining the appropriate amount of water based on the number of eggs and the required firmness grade. It has three distinct boiling levels: hard boil, medium boil, and soft boil, depending on your preference. With the automated shut-off function, you can avoid overcooking eggs and don’t have to maintain an eye on the device frequently. It can boil seven eggs at once, making it a time-saving and simple tool to operate and fulfilling all the benefits of an electric egg boiler.

      Key Features

      • Capacity: 7 eggs can be cooked at the same time.
      • 1-Year Limited Warranty
      • After boiling the eggs, the power is turned off automatically.
      • Three distinct boiling settings are available.
      • For further endurance, the bottom is made of stainless steel.


      • The mechanism for temperature regulation
      • The heating plate is made of stainless steel


      • The heating plate may get tinted after several uses.


      As we near the finish of our egg boiler analysis, you will realize that all these machines have drastically changed how we prepare food. They assist in the rapid preparation of eggs and the delivery of equally cooked and poached eggs in a short amount of time. So, if you enjoy eating boiled eggs, countertop egg boilers will undoubtedly offer you the comfort you have constantly desired!

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