42 Awesome Electronic Gadget Gift Ideas For Any Occasions

If you have landed on this page, it simply means that you are looking for a list of the electronic gadget gift ideas. If I am right, you have landed on the right webpage. That’s because we have listed and explained below 42 awesome electronic gadget gift ideas that you can consider for any occasion. This list is in alphabetic order.

Electronic Gadget Gift Ideas

Action camera

The gadget that I would like to place on the number one position in this list of the awesome electronic gadget gift ideas is an action camera. There is no doubt that you can shoot impressive videos with your phone. Still, an action camera is capable of offering you more advanced features. It can be attached to your car, helmet, and many other objects. And it is waterproof.

Our suggestions:

Air purifiers

Air purifier

With the technological advancement in the world, the air population is increasing, and the air quality is degrading day by day. Hence, you can consider gifting an air purifier to anyone on any occasion. That’s because everyone is aware of how much it is essential for health to breathe pure and clean air.

Our suggestions:

Alarm clock

No one would deny that it is not easy for everyone to get up early in the morning to get ready for school, college, or office. But an alarm clock can make it easy. In case you are looking for electronic gadgets gifts for him, an alarm clock is also one of such awesome ideas.

Our suggestions:

Alexa speakers

Another one of the tech gift ideas that you can consider while planning a gift for someone is an Alexa speaker. Not only for boys, but it can also be regarded as one of the awesome electronic gifts for girls. It is a product from Amazon and a great voice assistant that supports many smart devices and speakers.

Our suggestions:

Anti-lost tracker

An anti-lost tracker is another gadget to be included in our list. It is also another tech gadget that you can confidently consider buying and gifting someone on any occasion.

Our suggestions:

Beard trimmer

If you are looking for an electronic gadget gift for him, here is another one to be considered. That’s because the person for whom you are planning a gift must be in need of a beard trimmer if he is a boy or man. Then why not get him one of the best trimmers available out there in the market.

Our suggestions:

Cable organizer

Next, there comes the cable organizer on the list. It can also be considered as one of the best gifts that you can offer someone on any occasion. That’s because we have many cables around us whether we are at home or work. A cable organizer can do the job of organizing the cables in the best way.

Our suggestions:

Charging station

A single charging station can be used to charge all the devices at once. That’s a great gadget and can be considered gifting to someone you care for. Especially for a large family where there is a need to charge a lot of devices, this kind of gadget can do wonders.

Our suggestions:

Digital Personal weighing scale

Personal weighing scale

A digital personal weighing scale is another great item in this list of the electronic gadget gift ideas. That’s because the weighing scale is a great companion to the people trying to lose weight. Hence, it does not matter whether you are looking for an electronic gift for girls or boys, a digital personal weighing scale falls under both categories.

Our suggestions:

Digital Photo Frame

Another great gadget that I would like to put a light on is a digital photo frame. You would not repent later if you decide to gift someone with such a lovely item. And, the person will thank you for this beautiful gift.

Our suggestions:

Digital Thermometer

digital thermometer

There was a time when a traditional thermometer was the only way to measure the body’s temperature. But now the scenario has changed, and digital thermometers are in trend now. They digitally display the temperature and easy to use. You can gift it to anyone on any occasion.

Our suggestions:

Emergency lamps/lights

When it comes to emergency lamps, they are the lamps backed with a battery system. They come in different types and are very useful in case of power cuts. It is also one of the awesome tech gift ideas. If you gift it to someone, he will surely thank you for this.

Our suggestions:

Fitness tracker

A good fitness tracker is an excellent tool for getting started to be fit. It is a device that can record the daily physical activity of a person. However, there are many fitness trackers available in the market. You can choose the best one and gift it to anyone who is fitness conscious.

Our suggestions:

Gimbals for smartphone

When it comes to gimbals for smartphones, there are many options available, thus making it difficult to find the right one. But if you can somehow find the right one, you can consider it is offering anyone as a gift. They also come under the category of tech gift ideas.

Our suggestions:

Hair straighteners

Hair strightener

Another one of the awesome electronic gifts for girls is a hair straightener. It is a great tool to straighten hair at home daily. No matter whether the hair size is long or short, a hair straightener can do wonder. Apart from straightening the hair, it can also curl the hair, increase the hair volume, and perform the task of styling the hair.

Our suggestions:


Hair dryer

A hairdryer is a device with the use of which it is possible to blow the hot or ambient air over the damp. Thus it increases the water evaporation speed. You can confidently go ahead to buy a hair drier and gift it to anyone. It is also a great electronic gadget to be gifted.

Our suggestions:

Hard drives

Another one of the awesome electronic gadget gift ideas is a hard drive that you can consider buying and gifting someone. Hard drives are excellent solutions for keeping and carrying with you the backup of your files. If you gift a good quality hard drive to someone, he/she will surely be thanking you for this.

Our suggestions:



Whether we talk about wired or wireless, headphones are, undoubtedly, good electronic devices to be considered as gifts for someone. They are gadgets that make anyone fall in love with music. Especially for those who love music a lot, you should look no further than buying a headphone for gifting to them.

Our suggestions:

Home theater

A home theater is another one of the best electronic gadget gift ideas to be included in this list. A good home theater is capable of offering an awesome audio experience. Home theaters are easy to install, and you can confidently go-ahead to buy one for gifting someone on any occasion.

Our suggestions:


What a humidifier does is that it adds moisture to the air for regulating the dry environment. Thus, you will have dry nasals & sinus passages. It will ultimately make you feel good. Humidifiers are also a great option as an electronic gift for someone.

Our suggestions:

Induction cooktops

Choosing an induction cooktop is a smart decision if you are conscious about energy efficiency. That’s because, with the use of a cooktop, you end up saving a lot of energy. Moreover, a cooktop helps you save a lot of money in the long term as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to include this device in this list.

Our suggestions:

Instant camera

Another item in the list of the awesome tech gift ideas is an instant camera. It is worth noting that instant cameras are considered to be great photographic tools. If you buy and gift it to someone on any occasion, he/she will surely thank you for such an excellent gift.

Our suggestions:

Inverter bulbs

If you are new to this gadget, let me tell you that inverter bulbs are rechargeable LED bulbs. As they are rechargeable, you can use them as an emergency light in situations of power cuts. If you gift an inverter bulb to someone, it will be a great aid to him/her. Such bulbs come with a power backup system.

Our suggestions:

Keyboard-mouse combo

Next, we have a keyboard-mouse combo on this list. Rather than buying a keyboard and mouse separately, it is a great idea to go for a combo of both. If you are planning to gift someone who is a gamer, it will be a great decision to get him a wireless keyboard-mouse combo.

Our suggestions:

Kindle E-book reader


Another gadget in this list of the electronic gadget gift ideas is a Kindle E-book reader. Kindle is a line of e-book reader devices that is portable, powered by Android, and developed by Amazon. You can gift the Kindle E-book reader to anyone on any occasion.

Our suggestions:

Microwave ovens

A microwave oven is something that you can consider to be one of the awesome electronic gifts for girls. Today, girls or ladies can’t imagine their kitchen without a microwave oven. So if you gift this electronic machine to someone, she will be thankful to you. And there are many models available in the market.

Our suggestions:

Pen drives

No need to mention how useful or handy the pen drives are. They come in different types, and there are so many brands available out there in the market. You can get a pen drive with a storage size of as high as 1 TB. Why not buy one with good storage capacity and gift to someone in need.

Our suggestions:

Portable photo printer

You would be delighted to know that it is possible to print photos through a portable photo printer of small size, after taking a photo from the phone. And, it has been possible with the help of inkless print technology and wi-fi as well. So a portable photo printer is also a great gadget that you can consider gifting to someone.

Our suggestions:

Power banks

power bank

Everyone is familiar with power banks, and there is no need to prove their importance. You can buy a compact-sized power bank and gift it to the one you are planning to give an electronic gadget. It is a handy device and always remains in need.

Our suggestions:

Rechargeable fans

Rechargeable fans are a great option to go for if you live in an area where power cuts are frequent. Although an inverter is also a solution for the issue of power cuts, rechargeable fans are a cheaper solution. They can also be considered to be one of the best gadgets to be gifted to someone.

Our suggestions:

Smart bulbs

A smart bulb or smart light bulb is another one of the best gadget gift ideas on this list. And, with these bulbs, it is possible to control the lights from any phone. You should seriously consider them while planning an electronic gadget gift for someone.

Our suggestions:

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can be controlled through a mobile app. Thus you can switch on & switch off any appliance through a mobile application remotely. Just need to do is plug a smart plug into any socket, and then you should plug into it the appliance that you are willing to control via the mobile app.

Our suggestions:


smart watches

When it comes to a smartwatch, it is a type of computer with a small size and in the form of a wristwatch. Today, these watches are available with a touch screen display. If you are planning to gift someone interested in such things, you should not think twice before deciding to get him a smartwatch.

Our suggestions:


Just like smartwatches, a smartphone also has computer-like functions. Today, everyone is using a smartphone. There are various models available out there in the market. A smartphone can also be considered to be great electronic gadget gifts for him.

Our suggestions:



Next, I would like to include soundbars in this list of the best gadget gift ideas. A soundbar is a kind of loudspeaker that is used for the projection of audio from a wide encloser.

Our suggestions:

Table lamps

Table lamps are also the great gadgets that you can think of gifting to someone. It is an electric lamp of a small size that can be placed on a table or any similar type of furniture.

Our suggestions:


Just like smartphones, tablets are also an excellent option to go for. You can buy a tablet of good company and gift it to anyone on any occasion. So it is also one of the awesome tech gift ideas to be considered.

Our suggestions:

Travel adapters

Next, there come travel adapters on this list. Travel adapters are also known as plug adapters. With this device, it is possible to get any device from one country plunged into another country’s wall outlet. It is also an excellent gadget to be gifted.

Our suggestions:

VR headsets

A virtual reality headset or VR headset is a head-mounted electronic device that can offer you a virtual reality on wearing it. You can make use of such a virtual reality-based gadget in video games and other similar applications. You can think of gifting VR headsets to those who are fond of playing video games.

Our suggestions:

Wireless charger

Another device in this list of the best gadget gift ideas is a wireless charger. As the name itself indicates, it is a charger without wires. With this type of charger, all you need to do for charging your phone is to place your phone on a wireless charging stand or mat. Once the phone is placed on the stand, it will start getting power for charging wirelessly.

Our suggestions:

Wireless Speaker

A wireless speaker is a type of loudspeaker that depends on radio frequency for waves for receiving the audio signals. Wireless speakers don’t come with a cable, as the name itself indicates, thus making their usage more comfortable. You can consider gifting anyone with a wireless speaker on any occasion.

Our suggestions:

Writing tablets/pads

Last but not least are the writing tablets/pads on this list. They are actually like a piece of paper, but they don’t get consumed. You can use them for school, office, or any other place. A writing pad or tablet is a great option as a tech gadget if you are planning to gift someone.

Our suggestions:

Final thoughts

So this is the list of the 42 awesome electronic gadget gift ideas for any occasion. Also, no doubt that there are numerous other more tech gift ideas that you can consider. But the ones that we have listed above are the most loved and most recommended ones. So you can get any one of them as per your choice.

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